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Nude headphones love belts and stay tidy

Sony's Nude headphones clip onto your belt.

Sony Japan 's black, white, purple and pink headphones might look a bit daft at first, seeing as how they come with a carabiner-type hook for attaching them to a belt, but they actually seem quite useful when you think about it.

The MDR-KE30LW in-ear 'phones cost JPY3,098 (£13) and come with a full metre of cord that can be tugged out when needed and which retracts just as easily on its own. That's all very practical, but why did Sony label them 'Nude' headphones?

As cheap accessories they're not likely to start a manufacturing trend, although auto-spooling headphones into their own case is certainly more appealing than the unplugging and packing away that most of us usually have to do. We just hope they call them something else when they escape Japan later this year