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Geneva's unconventional iPod system

Geneva's superbly designed new iPod dock

For an iPod dock with a difference, take a look at Geneva Lab’s colourful new range of full-sized audio systems. The Swiss firm has launched a range of iPod audio systems that offer consumers everything they need in one striking box.

The Geneva Sound System is available in a choice of three sizes (Models M, L and XL) and comprises a CD player, FM radio tuner and ‘comprehensive’ iPod connectivity. It even has a number of line-level inputs enabling other source components to be directly connected to it.

Swish and Swiss

Geneva says the Sound System “should not be viewed as just another iPod dock”. The firm is quick to point out that the unit has been developed in conjunction with both musicians and music industry professionals and uses the “best digital audio technology”.

The units are based around a multi-driver array with the 25-watt Model M (£500) and 50-watt Model L (£800) using four drivers, and the top-of-the-range 100-watt Model XL (£1,500) using an incredible six units.

The company also claims its patented audio algorithm – known as EmbracingSound – allows the multi-driver array configuration used to reproduce the true scale and width of a stereo soundstage. The system is also said to eliminate the hi-fi ‘sweet spot’.