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DAB no match for quality FM radio, says NAD

Despite the rising profile of DAB radio in the UK, Brit stalwart NAD has eschewed digital reception in its latest tuner, the C425 (£200).

Hi-fi aficionados know that DAB is no match for good-quality FM, and from the specification of the C425 tuner, so does NAD. Despite the budget price tag, the C425 sports a strong feature set that broadens the appeal of its AM/FM-only capability.

Better RF sensitivity

A key feature of the new hi-fi tuner is its ability to pick up FM signals even in fringe areas. Engineers at NAD have redesigned the RF front end and increased its sensitivity it is claimed, giving users a cleaner reception in poor signal areas.

The new front end is also said to have much lower noise, increasing reception performance even further.

The C425 boasts 30 presets, which can be split between FM and AM bands, and has a 24-position rotary encoder knob to quickly tune stations or select presets. To avoid having to scroll through all 30 presets, the un-programmed (empty) ones are skipped to give quick access to the preferred stations.

There's also RDS PS (Program Service) and RT (Radio Text) functionality, giving the station name and any additional information broadcast by the station.