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Apple Music is branching out to Sonos speakers

Sonos Apple Music

Sonos is extending speaker support to another streaming service, though not just any streaming service.

Sonos has announced that it will launch support for Apple Music in beta starting December 15, which means you'll no longer need to connect your iPhone or iPad to a Sonos speaker with cables.

You'll now be able to connect your Apple Music account (up to 6 if you have a family account) through the Sonos app to stream from the service through a Sonos speaker of your choosing.

"You can even share songs and playlists with each other in a unique way that only Sonos can deliver," Sonos said, though the company didn't go into details.

Apple Music joins other services available on Sonos, including Google Play Music, Spotify and Tidal.

To get access to the beta, you'll need to go through the Sonos app, go to the Settings option, then the Advanced Setting option. From there you select 'Beta Program', and then choose 'Join the Beta Program'.

While the public beta is set to launch mid-December, a full roll out expected early next year.