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Apple Music hits the beat, plays to 6.5 million active subscribers

Apple Music

Apple Music's free trial only ended for early adopters less than a month ago, but CEO Tim Cook has still given us an indication of the number of people who enjoyed the service enough to keep paying for it.

Speaking at the WSJD Live event, Cook said that the service currently has 6.5 million paying customers, with another 8.5 million customers partaking in the trial.

With big plans to improve the service in the pipeline, these numbers mean that Apple Music currently has over 15 million active users, which is an increase of four million since the start of September.

There is a good chance that a good number of those 6.5 million paying customers simply forgot to cancel their Apple Music subscription, but the fact remains that the generous 3-month trial is definitely bringing in plenty of new subscribers.

Given how long Spotify has taken to get to its 20 million paying subscribers, Apple's definitely moving in the right direction.

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