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Amazon's Echo has been leaking Lady Gaga's new album

Amazon Echo

Amazon's Echo speaker has only just landed in the UK, but it's already leaking snippets of hotly anticipated upcoming albums.

Amazon usually provides 30-second previews of albums on its website, allowing users to preview tracks before committing to purchasing them.

But with Lady Gaga's upcoming album Joanne, previews of this hotly-anticipated album have been disabled.

Echo preview slip

It would appear as though someone at Amazon had forgotten to disable them when it came to the company's voice-activated Echo speaker, since users were able to request and then hear snippets of the new album.

The BBC has reported that the incident was limited to the US, where the Echo speaker has been available for a couple of years now.

If you're looking forward to hearing clips from the new album, the loophole has unfortunately now been closed, but the BBC has a pretty exhaustive rundown of each of the tracks.

Via: Engadget

Jon Porter

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