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Apple's Al Maryah Island store in Abu Dhabi opens to customers on Friday

Apple Store Abu Dhabi
(Image credit: Future)
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Apple's newest store in the UAE opens up to the public tomorrow at 5PM. The store has been in the making for a while now and is definitely one to check out.

All glass, all around the store brings in loads of light from the shows a beautiful panoramic view of the city skyline and if you're planning to go check out the store, do go at sunset. 

All about the design

Apple Al Maryah Island introduces several new design elements reflective of its surroundings. From the promenade, two ramps paved with Absolute Black granite stone  — the first use of this material at any Apple Store — cut through water and continue seamlessly inside the store, blurring the barrier between inside and out. The store also features a golden carbon fiber roof locally sourced in the UAE. 

Visitors entering from The Galleria Al Maryah Island will walk through a mirrored stainless steel portal, enveloped by the sights and sounds of water jets cascading over exterior glass walls. A 72-foot-long mirrored foil ceiling creates a kaleidoscopic effect, with water falling down the walls, and reflections seen above.

Apple Store Al Maryah

(Image credit: Future)

Staff and service

The new store’s multicultural team of more than 80 members represent 28 nationalities and collectively speak over 30 languages, including Arabic, French, Hindi, Tagalog, and more.

Customers will be able to check out Apple's products, ask for any help required and attend 'Today at Apple' sessions in store. 

Today at Apple

Apple Al Maryah Island will debut three unique Today at Apple sessions that draw inspiration from the beautiful surroundings and creative culture of Abu Dhabi:

We got a mini-version of the Fluidity and Motion photo-walk. The session took inspiration from the water all around the store. If interested, customers can check out (opens in new tab) to book themselves into these sessions. Here are a few samples from photos we took at the session. 

Daanesh Kalyaniwalla
Executive Editor - TechRadar Middle East

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