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Apple Watch ousted from UK cabinet meetings over spy fears

The Apple Watch may have to rethink its political career, as the well-known wearable has been banned from the United Kingdom’s cabinet discussions.

The Apple-branded smartwatch, worn by a number of ministers during then-prime minister David Cameron’s premiership, is now no longer allowed during sensitive meetings amidst fears of Russian hackers, according to The Telegraph.

While smartphones have been barred from the UK's high-level government gatherings since 2013, current PM Theresa May has reportedly added Apple’s smartwatch to the list following concerns that a compromised wearable could be used as a listening device.

Hackers ... and Beyoncé

The report associates the added vigilance with this summer’s hack of the United States’ Democratic National Committee, which was blamed on the Russian government, as reported by the New York Times

One source even told The Telegraph that the cabinet's ban was to prevent Russia from "trying to hack everything." 

Included is an anecdote in which former Secretary of State for Justice Michael Gove blasted some Beyoncé from his Apple Watch by accident during a meeting, so it could be that cabinet ministers are going bare-wristed just to avoid humorously awkward musical interruptions.

Parker Wilhelm
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