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Apple hedging its bets with original TV content – it's all about the music

The industry’s interest was piqued when we heard that Apple was moving in the direction of producing original programming to sit on its App Store.

But a recent report out of The Information (as reported by 9to5Mac) suggests the company has much more limited ambitions for its original programming efforts. 

In other words, Apple isn’t looking to follow Netflix’s pledge that it wants 50% of its content to be original programming

Exclusives, not originals

As well as pointing out the relatively small team that’s spearheading the initiative, the report also states that Apple is more keen to develop programming that complements Apple Music, rather than standalone videos. 

Also a priority is securing exclusive rights to third-party movies. Apparently the company has been so aggressive in its efforts that it has occasionally secured the rights to movies before they’ve even been green-lit by the studio itself. 

The move sits in contrast to the likes of Netflix and Amazon, which have been investing heavily in original content to the extent that they now spend more than many of their traditional TV network competitors in the US. 

Jon Porter

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