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Apple AirTags UAE price and release date

Apple AirTags
(Image credit: Apple)

After years of rumors about their emergence, Apple AirTags have finally been revealed during the Apple Event in April alongside the new iPad Pro and new iMac, and they're finally here.

So what are AirTags? The pitch is that you clip one of these things to an item you don’t want to lose, and you’ll then be able to track it from an Apple device using the enhanced Find My app.

The AirTags harness the same network of Apple devices – yours and those of strangers – that Apple already uses for the Find My app. Using a Bluetooth signal (which is low power to save battery) anyone with an iPhone or iPad nearby will be able to let you know something has been found.

Apple is touting the fact that its AirTags are power efficient enough to last a year, and the battery inside is removable and replaceable too. That's good to see given the brand has been making a big deal about how sustainable it wants its operations to be.

There's a strong suspicion that Apple could have launched the AirTags many months ago, but couldn't get the privacy angle right. What if someone wanted to track you by slipping an AirTag into your coat or bag?

Apple's got around that issue by bringing in 'Unwanted Tag Detection'. You'll need to set up your tag with your own Apple device at the start, and if you then were to try and place it on someone else, they'd get a notification.

If they still didn't notice on their phone - perhaps the battery is dead - then the Tag will just start to emit a noise to let you know it's there.

Apple spring event 2021

(Image credit: Apple)

Apple AirTags UAE price and release date

The Apple AirTags debuted at Apple's spring event on April 20, 2021, with preorders starting April 23 with sales starting April 30.

AirTags start at AED 129 for one or AED 439 for a four-pack. 

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