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Amazon Alexa's newest trick is US election play-by-play

As the 2016 US presidential election approaches its eventual conclusion, the time has come for American people to make a decision - but first, let's consult Alexa.

Amazon Echo's digital assistant is acquiring a new skill courtesy of NBC News, granting the smart speaker the power to keep users up-to-date on election coverage before they head to voting booths in November.

To get ongoing election news, candidate bios, delegate counts and more on your Amazon Echo or Amazon Fire TV, search for the NBC News Election skill through the official Amazon Alexa app.

Alexa's new ability is meant to help keep the public on the pulse of the presidential race, but it can't actually make the decision for them - when asked "Who should I vote for?," the AI responds politely with, "Go with your gut, but inform your instincts first." 

We can only hope we'll remain as calm and collected as Alexa during tonight's final presidential debate. In the meantime, does Alexa's pizza-ordering skill still work...?

Via Engadget

Parker Wilhelm
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