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How to get iOS 14.7 on your iPhone

iOS 14.7 is now ready and waiting on your phone

How to get iOS 14.7
What iOS 14 looks like on your iPhone
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If you're looking to get iOS 14.7 up and running on your phone, we have good news: Apple has released the software, and if your phone is compatible you'll be able to download it now.

iOS 14 brought with it the introduction of home screen widgets so you can further customize your phone's main display as well as the long awaited App Library, App Clips and a variety of other features.

iOS 14.7 is the latest software from the company, and it brings support for the new MagSafe battery pack to those who own iPhone 12 series devices, plus there are changes to Apple Card and more.

Note that not all iPhones will be able to download iOS 14 – anything older than the iPhone 6S won't be getting the full version of iOS 14. If your iPhone is compatible, scroll below for step-by-step instructions to update your device to iOS 14.

1. Before getting iOS 14.7, back up your iPhone

iOS 14

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As always, we recommend backing up your phone before you update the software.

Before you do anything, back up your apps and data. While this software is as stable as any normal update, it's just good practice to make sure you're all backed up in case anything goes wrong. 

2. Download from the Settings page

Here's the easy bit, it's just a case of downloading the software and your iPhone will do the rest.

If you head to the Settings app (that's the one that has a grey background with a cog in the center) and then head to the tab called General. Under here, you'll find a section called Software Update.

That's where you should find an update ready and waiting with a button that says Download and Install. If you haven't previously updated to other software, you may need to do that before progressing to iOS 14.7.

If you don't see an update for iOS 14.7 here yet, you should do in the coming days. If not, it may be that you're already running the software - and you'll know that as it'll tell you the version of the software you're running on this page.

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