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Here's why you should set up a NAS at home

Say hello to my little friend.

In today’s fantastic digital age, one thing that we always seem to need more of is storage space. Whether it’s on our phones or our PCs, our files are taking up way too much space, so we all could do with a safe place to store them. Enter a NAS - previously only something you’d see in a business environment, a NAS is actually a very cost-friendly storage device that you can set up yourself at home, with a host of great benefits.

Your NAS setup requires two important components - first the NAS itself, which can come in a variety of models and sizes, depending on your requirements. Secondly, there’s the actual hard drives that will be installed in your NAS - you want these drives to be reliable as they’ll be running 24/7, so you can’t install any ordinary desktop drive instead. You’ll need a hard drive that’s been certified for NAS use, so you know that your data is always safe. For this video, we’re going to be using the Synology DS218j and Seagate’s IronWolf NAS drives to show you why you need to setup your own NAS at home. Synology, as a NAS vendor, is dedicated to provide multi-function, cost effective, high quality storage products, while IronWolf Pro drives come with 5-year warranty and 2-year Seagate Rescue Data Recovery Services plan.

Check out the video below to see why Seagate IronWolf drives are the best pick for your home NAS:

Your own personal storage space

Having a NAS at home is something that you have complete control over who has access to, like your own private cloud. But keeping that data safe to avoid data loss is just as important. Thankfully, IronWolf drives come with a Health Management feature that works  to improve overall system reliability, so you can easily keep an eye on individual drive health. 

As much storage as you need

When it comes to storage space, a NAS can effortlessly expand to suit your needs. If you’re a photographer with a large library of images, or a music fan with a carefully curated collection of music over the years, you can easily add additional drives to your NAS to further expand your storage space. The IronWolf drives offer a whopping 12 terabytes of storage, which is more than enough space for any digital hoarder. Pair two or more of these drives into a NAS and you won’t even know what to do with all that space.  

Stream your media around your home

For media streaming and sharing files at home, a NAS can be a really useful device to have. You can easily stream content such as videos or music to multiple devices around your house simultaneously, so everyone gets to watch whatever they want. The IronWolf drives are optimised for multi-user access, so no matter how many people are accessing your media library, it’s never going to leave anyone buffering. 

A surefire backup solution

If you can’t bring yourself to delete old files off your PC, then you can always offload them to your NAS for safekeeping, so they’ll always be around should you need them again. The beauty of NAS-ready drives such as the IronWolf is that they’re built to withstand 24/7 usage with no downtime. What’s more, advanced power management features kick in when the NAS isn’t being accessed, but also ensure that things are back on track when you need to access files again.