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Best UAE tech deals: How to make your home smarter with these key upgrades

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There’s a lot of tech powering our lives today. Whether it’s a state-of-the-art smartphone, an all-day laptop, or headphones that mask the din of the world around us.

One area that tech is slowly improving upon is in our homes. From smart TVs to vacuum cleaners, there’s a great selection of tech that’s available to make our lives easier and living smarter. It’s not just about the convenience – it’s also about being able to save time in our already busy lives.

Smart homes are a great way to address a number of things that can be improved upon through technology. They can help keep our homes secure, save on our electric bills, and even make it easy to step right into our homes without having to reach for a house key.

Amazon recently launched its home services division, which also includes Smart Home Services. This includes a number of services that make installing smart devices into your home a real breeze. 

So if you’re looking to inject some very cool tech into your home, there are four great recommendations you should look at.

Nest Learning Thermostat

Nest Learning Thermostat | AED 999

If your house or apartment is empty for most of the day, then chances are you’ve still got the air conditioning going on full blast. While you could of course switch it off when you leave the house, that means you’re going to come back to a house that’s unnecessarily warm, and will take a while to cool back down again. 

The Nest Learning Thermostat is a great solution to this. It’s able to monitor the temperature in your home and automatically adjust it to a comfortable setting. When you’re away, it’ll switch the AC to fan mode or turn it off, and then when it’s time for you to come home, it’ll turn it back on so you come back to a cool home once again. Not only will it save on your electric bill, it’s also better for the environment.

August Home Smart Lock

August Home Smart Lock | AED 435

Want an easier way to get into your house? Then upgrade to a smart lock, such the August Home Smart Lock. No more fumbling for house keys on your key chain – just enter using your smartphone and you’re home. What’s more, you can grant virtual ‘keys’ to anyone you choose to get access to your home, and choose how long their key is valid for. It’s great for having friends check up on pets or houseplants, or when you’ve got people visiting for the weekend.

Ring Video Doorbell

Ring Video Doorbell | AED 499

We’ve all been there before – a delivery is trying to be made to your home but no one’s around. Thanks to the Ring Video Doorbell, you can instantly see who’s at your door and talk directly to them, all from your smartphone. Better still, you can do so wherever you are in the world. It’s a safe and secure way to keep track of who’s ringing your doorbell, and can even be integrated into other smart devices for even more security at home.

Ring Indoor Cam

Ring Indoor Cam | AED 249

This plug-in camera lets you see and speak to anyone nearby – including pets! Watch on your kids when you’re away from the house, or set it up to detect motion when you’re away on holiday. The Ring Indoor Cam is easy to install and blends in with your environment for a discreet security solution. Simply install and connect it with your smartphone to view your security feed no matter where you are in the world.

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