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The best cases for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S10
Image credit: TechRadar (Image credit: TechRadar)

Samsung has released its next flagship, the Galaxy S10 Plus, and it’s coming soon. Plenty of fans are ready to pick up the brand-new flagship when it goes on sale on March TK packing the latest specs - and when they do, they should buy a case to keep their fancy phone safe from scratches and drops.

Of course, cases offer more than just protection, and some are pretty stylish, too. If you want, you can pick up a cover with wallet slots for cards and cash, while others even pack extra battery. All should keep your handset safe from casual scrapes and short falls, but only the more hardcore cases will protect against serious drops.

If you’re looking to guard your investment, here are cases for the Samsung S10 Plus on the market right now. We haven’t tested them all, especially so soon after the phone has come out, but we’ve made a list of the ones we’re most interested in made by trusted brands. In general, we’ve ranked these from cheapest to priciest.

Mofi Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Case Thin Hard

 Look, we have to be honest with you. This Mofi case isn’t anything special and most likely won’t protect your phone from any fall damage. However, at AED 35, it is extremely cheap and it’s slim profile and hard shell should keep your phone away from scratches and dents. It’s available on Souq (opens in new tab).

Trands Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Tempered Glass Frost Shielded Hard Back Case

 This simple looking hard shell case from Chinese manufacturer Trands is a cheap and effective way to get your shiny new Galaxy S10 Plus out of harm’s way. The frost shielded back is scratch resistant, while the sides have raised lips to protect the screen and reinforced corners to protect it from any fall damage. The Trands case is available to purchase on Souq (opens in new tab) for AED 59.

DUX DUCIS For Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Business Case

 Suit up! This case from a brand we cannot claim to pronounce properly, offers a leather shell that covers both sides of the phone, and also has a card holder inside of the flap. The front of the case also folds in a kickstand so you can easily enjoy movies and YouTube videos on the S10 Plus' gorgeous screen. The case is available on Souq (opens in new tab) for AED 86.

Spigen Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Liquid Air Cover

 With a textured back and grippy sides, Spigen claims military grade protection on the Liquid Air case for the Galaxy S10 Plus. It also has its patented Air Cushion Technology fitted into every corner of the case to absorb any impact from a drop. The case uses TPU material so its flexible and it’s also wireless charging compatible. It costs AED 89 on Souq (opens in new tab).

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Silicone Cover

 At AED 89, Samsung offers a simple and sophisticated case for the Galaxy S10 Plus. The soft silicone and microfibre lining improves the grip and helps protect the back of the phone from scratches and cracks. It’s available in a variety of pleasing colors such as blue, navy, green, berry pink, and the classic black and white. The case can be bought from Jumbo (opens in new tab).

Spigen Galaxy S10 Plus Tough Armor Case

 If you just need the basics, Spigen has you covered. The company has made simple Tough Armor cases for a plethora of other phones, and if their success is anything to go by, this will be another highly-rated cover.

While its plastic casing isn’t too flashy, the rear-mounted kickstand is pretty nice. You can find the black color variant on Souq (opens in new tab) for AED 135.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Leather Cover

 Made out of supple calf leather, this cover from Samsung is the most elegant, and price-er, of the lot. Like the silicone case, the insides is lined with microfiber, and is accentuated by aluminum buttons for a tactile feedback. It’s also available in similar colors with an addition of gray. It’s available for purchase for AED 189 from Jumbo (opens in new tab).

Abbas Jaffar Ali
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