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White Friday 2020 in UAE: best early deals that are already live

The best White Friday deals available now

White Friday 2020

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The best White Friday deals
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White Friday is days away, but the deals are already popping up online. 

We'll be keep an eye out for all the great White Friday deals you can snatch up across various retailers online, including savings on laptops, TVs, home appliances, video games, and more. Just bookmark this page and come back regularly to look at all the deals being added throughout the week. 

We're still expecting to see the very best White Friday deals on the day itself, but in most cases we're probably talking about marginal changes in discount. Many of the White Friday deals you'll see are already the cheapest prices we've seen all year, which doesn't give retailers much further to drop. 

So our advice remains the same: if you see an offer on something you want now, at a price that fits your budget, grab it while you can. We can't guarantee the stock will still be there when the big day arrives. 

The best White Friday deals available now

Kindle Paperwhite (10th Gen) - AED 529 369 

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Bose QuietComfort 35 II - AED 1,399 AED 899

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Bose SoundLink Color II - AED 549 AED 449

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DJI Osmo Pocket - AED 953.75 AED 899

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White Friday TV deals

White Friday TV deals are some of the most in demand offers out there, with shoppers flocking to the shelves to upgrade their displays for less in November. We usually see discounts across the price range, from the cheapest of 720p panels to premium QLED and OLED sales. This year we've got new flagship entries from Samsung, LG, Sony, Philips and Hisense to content with, as well as picture upgrades, new audio tech, and additional streaming services that might not have been available on your old set. 

White Friday laptop deals

You can always count on White Friday deals to discount laptops well, and this year should prove no different. Demand has proven itself to be particularly popular this year as we all move to working and learning from home a lot more, which means retailers are keen to capitalise by having the lowest prices around.

Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 - AED 3,799 AED 3,499

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White Friday audio deals

With discounts on top brands and budget models alike, headphone deals over White Friday always offer a cheap way to upgrade or grab a new set of cups. Last year, Apple's AirPods and AirPods Pro earbuds proved incredibly popular despite only receiving small discounts. We've already seen prices drop well below their White Friday positions in 2020, which means this year's offers are going to outshine last year's by a long way.

If you're after noise-cancelling over ear headphones, you're shopping at the right time. The Bose 700s are showing their age in price but still retain their excellent performance in 2020, and the Sony WH-1000XM3s are expected to hit some fantastic prices in this year's White Friday deals.

Bose Soundbar 700 - AED 3,399 AED 3,099

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Apple AirPods Pro AED 999 AED 700

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Bose SoundSport Free - AED 839, AED 549

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White Friday iPad and tablet deals

The tablet world has welcomed all of its annual refreshes now, which means White Friday deals are likely to hit a massive range of devices this year. We've already seen the iPad Pro seeing some discounts, and the iPad Mini and Air have also seen some of their lowest prices ever over 2020 so Apple fans should be well served this year. Plus, the Samsung Galaxy Tab range has also seen some new additions, pushing those older models' prices down as well.  

White Friday smartphone deals

This year's White Friday phone deals have a lot of smartphones to choose from. Samsung phones are likely to see the most enticing discounts, with models from the last two years offering up the best price drops. We've seen some pretty good Samsung S20 discounts so far this year as well.

When it comes to Apple there's one big contender for White Friday deals. The iPhone 12 is, however, unlikely to receive straight price drops as the latest device to hit the shelves. The iPhone 11 in particular is ripe for better White Friday deals. 

White Friday wearable deals

So far this year we've seen some excellent offers on Garmin and Fitbit fitness trackers in particular, though we've also had a few Apple Watch deals hitting stores as well. That means it's all to play for, though we'd expect the former models to start seeing discounts before Apple plays its cards. 

Huawei Watch Fit - AED 399 AED 329

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White Friday gaming deals

White Friday 2020 is going to be a strange one for gamers. The PS5 and Xbox Series X will be barely out the gates when the official November 27 date comes around. While it's unlikely we'll see any discounts on the next generation consoles, it's highly possible that more stock will come in small flash restocks, or possibly even the beginning of PS5 bundles.

Previous generation consoles would be perfect contenders for stunning White Friday deals this year - however Xbox stock is dwindling and we're only seeing the odd FIFA bundle available on the PlayStation side of things. 

The Nintendo Switch, on the other hand, is likely to offer up some more reliable discounts. Stock is now solidly available after a few months of scarcity, and Prime Day offered up a few bundles that sold well. 

Over on the PC side of things, we've seen Razer getting into the mix already this year - offering discounts across a range of accessories and gaming laptops. Plus, Asus, HP and Dell / Alienware have also been cutting their prices over the last few months as well. 

White Friday smart home deals

We had an insight into how this year's smart home White Friday deals would run over Prime Day. Amazon is a major player in the smart home game and October's offers are likely to be repeated over White Friday 2020. Expect more discounts on robot vacuums, Philips Hue smart bulbs, and Ring cameras. 

Ring Video Doorbell 2 - AED 599, AED 449

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White Friday kitchen deals

White Friday home deals

White Friday deals: what to expect

The possible rise in online sales isn't something that's surprising, even without the pandemic, with White Friday and Cyber Monday deals already set to rise in 2020. According to Adobe Analytics, last year saw a near-20% uplift in traffic for those searching for savings on their holiday gifts in some regions.

Whether the same things will be big winners will depend on the attitude towards spending - where last year it was toys in the most-purchased category and the Nintendo Switch as the big console, this year it might be the PS5 or Xbox Series X as the big winners.

How does TechRadar prepare for White Friday?

White Friday is one of the most important times of the year for TechRadar to help our readers - we spend weeks ahead of the big day (or weekend) making sure the whole site is ready for people looking for the information they need to help them make the right buying choice. Whether that's knowing which is the best laptop, TV or iPad, or just seeing great deals for them through our Hawk price comparison widget, we've got everything you need to know.

It's odd that consoles were so highly-sold last year, as we had little in the way of a cracking Nintendo Switch Black Friday deal, and even the PS4 deals - while they existed, and weren't too bad - were more scarce than we expected.

If trends follow as expected, big-ticket items like 4K TVs with HDR support will see some promising discounts. As 4K technology continues to drop in price, and 8K starts to see more of a place on the shelves, we've seen previously premium displays sitting in the budget category over the past 12 months, which bodes well for extra discounts in this year's White Friday deals.

Should you buy early White Friday deals?

So, with so many White Friday deals landing early this year, it's easy to wonder whether you should actually take retailers up on these offers. 

For the most part, we'd advise that if you see a price you like (and especially if it's the lowest that device has been so far) we'd go for it. Amazon is unlikely to drop its prices further from its Prime Day offers, so if something has returned to its Prime Day price it's likely to be a winner ahead of White Friday itself. 

In-demand items like the Nintendo Switch and new iPads are going to be extremely competitive over White Friday 2020, which means offers leading up to the event itself are going to be even more enticing. It's likely then, based on last year's trends, that these products will see quick flash sales or run out of stock particularly quickly over White Friday. While there may be a few quid shaved off that final price in November, it might not be worth it if you can't get your hands on one in the first place. 

It's never a guarantee that you'll find something cheaper over White Friday, but we would recommend waiting a little longer if you're planning to pick up a high-end 2020-model laptop or TV. These are White Friday favourites, so retailers may reserve their best offers for further down the line. 

When will Amazon White Friday deals begin?

The official White Friday date is November 27, 2020, which means there's traditionally not much time between the biggest sales event of the year and Christmas. However, this year things are looking a little different, and Amazon's White Friday deals will kick off from November 24th, with Prime members getting a day's early look at some of the hottest deals. 

Are White Friday deals real?

Generally speaking, yes - although there are two kinds of deals. The first has been pre-agreed between brands and retailers, so they’re not as off-the-cuff as you might expect. 

The other is sudden price drops, whether that’s an algorithm working out the best way to attract users to buy or just the big names price-matching one another, or pushing the price down further as they look to be the big winner. 

As with any sales event you’ll see a mixture of bargains, discounted end-of-line stock and strange things found in the back of a warehouse somewhere. In 2016, consumer magazine 'Which?' accused retailers of some pretty dodgy behavior.

You might notice that some items are cheaper after White Friday - even as soon as Cyber Monday. But those are part of the natural Christmas discounting period, and our advice is to always grab a deal if you like it, and be prepared to return if it drops lower.

Where can I find the best White Friday deals?

As mentioned, if you're a Prime member then bookmark this page right now - there will be deals posted here from 11am on November 23rd all the way until 11pm. From November 24th we'll be rounding up deals available across Amazon, so make sure you keep an eye out for the hottest deals across your favorite brands. 

How do I get the best White Friday deals in 2020?

Homework really helps. Some retailers up prices from August through to October so they can offer supposedly amazing discounts on White Friday, so don’t be fooled by such moves. 

They’re particularly prevalent in expensive consumer electronics such as TVs or laptops with product numbers rather than names, with products that were dropped down to a great bargain price suddenly being pushed back to their MSRP again. 

It’s also a very good idea to be flexible: for example, if you fancy a Samsung UHD TV it’s best to think about the features you want rather than a specific model number: the BRV553ABD34-82C-9218-X may not be discounted on White Friday 2020, but an almost identical set with the specification you want probably will be.

So do your research on what matters and we’ll do our best to give you the right comparison needed.

However, don’t be fooled into thinking that something that looks like a five star set is the same but cheaper - certain elements (often with regards to screen quality or image processing) won’t be as high quality to achieve that lower price point.

Am I protected when I buy on White Friday?

In general, you should be just as protected as you are when shopping any other time of the year. You’ll want to check on return policies and warranty periods, and you should also make sure you’re shopping at known retailers you trust. 

Remember that using your credit card also can offer a level of protection, so as long as you have the means to pay it back straight away, using this method can give you more peace of mind. 

Many credit cards can help you contest payments if you never receive a product, and some even offer extended warranties on products beyond the one included from manufacturer or retailer.

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