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Best Netflix movies to watch in the UAE and Saudi: the top films of July that you should be watching right now

The Gray Man
(Image credit: Netflix)

Are you looking for the best movies on Netflix in UAE and Saudi Arabia for July 2022? We have just updated this list with the current and upcoming movies releasing on Netflix in July, highlighting some of the platform’s best originals, blockbuster classics and even prestige films.

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July is another movie-filled month for Netflix. Fans who enjoy romantic films have something to look forward to as the adaptations of Dangerous Liaisons and Persuasion are streaming this month. Action fans shouldn’t miss out on The Gray Man starring Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans. Directed by The Russo Brothers of Avengers Endgame, this highly-anticipated film will also get a theatrical release this month before it streams the week after.

Here are the best movies to watch on Netflix in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Egypt.

What's new on Netflix UAE in July

The Sea Beast

In this animated fantasy adventure, Jacob and Maise sail the high seas to make history. Join them as they battle beasts roaming the sea and meet the people who hunt them. An epic journey awaits, so get your maps ready.

The Sea Beast is streaming on July 8th

Dangerous Liaisons

17-year-old Célène is preparing to live away from her fiancé Pierre. As she moves from Paris to Biarritz, she meets the mean elites of her new school, Vanessa and Tristan. Célène manages to get seduced by Tristan, but she doesn’t know she’s part of a cruel bet.

Dangerous Liaisons is streaming on July 8th


Based on the novel by Jane Austen, the movie centres on Anne Elliot, who lives with her snobby family that’s about to go broke. When an old flame suddenly enters back into her life, she must decide to either forget the past or open her heart to second chances.

Persuasion is streaming on July 15th

The Gray Man

This action-thriller is based on the book of the same name and stars Ryan Gosling as a skilled CIA operative and Chris Evans as a former colleague out to hunt him. When Court Gentry suddenly discovers dark secrets from his agency, he is soon hunted by Lloyd Hansen, who will traverse land and water just to take him out.

The Gray Man releases in UAE and Saudi Arabia cinemas on July 14th and is streaming on July 22nd

Purple Hearts

Struggling singer Cassie and trouble marine Luke agree to be married to each other solely for the military benefits. While pretending to be married, they soon realise that they could soon be falling for each other when a tragedy forces them to work together.

Purple Hearts is streaming on July 29th

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